The team behind DIGICOAT

Who we are

Survey and Foresee Technologies is a technology-based startup founded in 2020 in the Canary Islands as an independent provider of innovative assessment technologies. Focused on the coatings inspection industry, SFTec emerged to transform the sector by creating and delivering innovative and effective digital solutions to coatings problems and engineering challenges that reduce costs, extend asset life and improve asset quality.

Nowadays, the SFTec team consists of chemists, chemical engineers, physicists, and NACE CIP2 inspectors who, in combination with a Full-Stack development team, provide innovative and tailor-made solutions to digitize inspection processes and a results analysis workflows.

What we do

Having a deep knowledge and experience in non-conventional testing techniques, coating technology, and its installation processes, SFTec adds real value to the inspection value chain by providing cutting-edge technology, equipment, software, and training for the most demanding applications in marine, aerospace, offshore and wind power industry, and in the heritage conservation sector.

SFTec provides solutions for corrosion coating integrity assessment through the use of innovative data-driven non-destructive testing technologies, which allow inspection data to be managed with reliability management systems throughout the coating life cycle and integrated into the entire value chain: from the initial processes of corrosion coating selection and characterization to installation, production and operational requirements.

This disruptive approach enables our customers to make the right decisions throughout the life of the coating, being the ideal choice for those applications where coating durability is required to meet all other desired performance design criteria. In addition, we provide the best product and accessories for electrochemical measurements, along with commercial and tailor-made software and consulting services for the analysis and interpretation of your data.

How we do it

We are driven to provide the best solutions, service and quality to our customers. We work very closely with every one of them to discuss the scope of tasks they would like to perform. Based on this conversation we provide the best customer-tailored services.