Digital Data-Driven
Evaluation of Coatings

digicoat and You

Choose the plan that suits you and your team better.


Free to explore

  • Import spectra from CSV files

  • Visualize single/multiple spectra

  • FTIR Auto Peak detection

  • FTIR offset and normalization

  • EIS automatic equivalent circuit modelling for batteries

  • EIS Z0.1Hz for integrity assessments


Free, no credit card needed

  • Workspaces for better spectra manipulation

  • Download plots for your reports

  • You can store up to 10 spectra


€45 per month

  • Unlimited spectra storage

  • Machine Learning correlation algorithms

  • Email support

  • You decide what to implement next

  • FTIR: Raw materials peak identification from your database

  • Special discounts on our EIS courses

€45 per month


Tailormade solutions

  • Specific Machine Learning models

  • Local database integration (your data never leaves your machine)

  • Discount for teams

  • FTIR/EIS measurements and interpretation

  • Coating certification (SF Tec Inspection program)